The AI in Pharma Summit has >2000 contacts who are fully or partially responsible for AI /Machine Learning in their organisation.  (80% are working for a Big Pharma company). The annual survey is sent to these contacts, and responses are collected anonymously. This is a summary of the findings.

You can download a copy of the survey results here.

Here are some of the Headlines:

There is a level of disparity of opinions within this industry.
Pharma companies need to be more ruthless when deciding where to invest in AI/Machine Learning.
Sentiment over the next 3 years is improving.
Drug discovery has the greatest potential to make an impact in 5 years time.
Sentiment towards AI/Machine Learning

Respondents were asked to rate the current value of AI/Machine Learning in Pharma, and where they thought it would be in 3 years time.

1 = It isn’t achieving anything

10 = It’s solved all our problems.

For the present, the mean score was 3.2 compared to 5.8 for forecast sentiment in 3 years time.  The mode was 2 for current sentiment, compared to 8 for the future. This is a marked change in sentiment predicted by 2021.

Current attitude towards investment

Respondents were asked a simple yes/no question and gave an unequivocal answer.

“Are Pharma companies being ruthless enough when deciding where to invest their efforts with AI/Machine Learning”

Yes 5%

No  95%

Results from a sample of 285 people working in Pharma and Biotechs in the field of AI/Machine Learning.

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